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Hello to you all!

I trust you are having great success in establishing your plan for 2016 and are on the path to reaching your goals. A few weeks ago I had the awesome privilege of being a guest on the Game Changer Podcast. Our host is Stephen Brynildsen. Stephen and I have know each other for about 3 years now. Through our relationship I gain so much insight into his generation, and then I am able to offer him the perspective of someone having lived just a few more years than he. We complement one another as he wants to gain wisdom from the next generation up and I want to know what are the concerns of the younger generation and learn how I can help and become a better coach. (Sound like mentoring in action?)

On the podcast we discuss the importance of Building Community and creating Relationships that will encourage you. I hope you gain some wisdom from our time together!

Game Changer Podcast Episode 7


Coach Steve

Words Matter

...and My January 2016 Book Selection

I didn’t realize I had become such a cynic!

How’s that for being transparent? I’m a Life Coach and the more I learn about the process of coaching, the more I have to look at myself and the more I discover! It’s not pretty at times. But I LOVE the process!

With each discovery, I am taking little steps forward to becoming the person I really want to be. No matter how painful that is!

So to give you a bit of an update, I made the investment in myself and enrolled in Michael Hyatt’s program, 5 Days to your Best Year Ever.  I decided to pass on the offer last year, and really wrestled with it again this year. But, I am SO glad I committed to this program. I chose to self-pace myself on the process, because Day 1 knocked my socks off!

So to begin, Michael had me take a good look at my Limiting Beliefs and recognize when cynicism rears it’s ugly, nasty head. He explains that your Limiting Beliefs are those things you feel that will never change or that you don’t have control over thus limiting your success. So it took me a couple of days to watch for that to happen. I found that these things would show up when I am in a conversation with my wife, or driving down the road or some other unexpected situation. I would then make a note of it. I will now have to take those and create a Liberating Truth to off-set my old belief structure. This is where I make a positive statement about that old belief and how I will choose to let it affect me. It’s going to take some work! But it is so necessary to my success.

Along with this process I was working on my 2016 reading list. One title that I pulled off the shelf was The Power of Your Words by Pastor Robert Morris.


It was easy for me to make this my January pick after being exposed to Michael Hyatt’s material. I have a feeling I will be visiting this topic again throughout the year to give you a progress report. But in a quick sound-bite, our words have power, good and bad! And we must learn how to choose wisely what we say to others or ourselves.

Remember this:

Our words, either to others or to ourselves, and what we believe about ourselves, can have a HUGE impact on our future success! 

This is a bigger topic than one blog post can contain, but I at least wanted to share a bit of what I am learning, and hopefully you will find some encouragement here.

I will keeping you updated on my progress in creating my own Best Year Ever and I wish you much success as your embark on a New Year!

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Until next time,

Be Good to Yourself!

Coach Steve






Merry Christmas!

While another Christmas is upon us, it is most likely your schedule is getting slammed with commitments. And during all the extra activity that comes with this Season also comes the realization that the end of another year is just a few days way. Do you feel frustrated that all of your goals were not met? It happens to all of us. Especially if you are the type to over-do-it on the accomplishment scale. My encouragement to you this Christmas, is to remember that you are a human being. We plan, we dream and we sometimes fall short, but it is very unproductive to start the year in discouragement or defeat. Please learn what you can from this past year.


Remember this:


Be Kind to yourself – No one ever accomplished anything good by being critical. Look at the year behind you, determine what worked and what didn’t, and form a new plan based on what you learned. Remain positive, knowing that nothing is wasted. All of your experiences help you form better decisions in the future.

Give Grace to yourself – It seems to be much easier to allow others a second chance, but then we often don’t give ourselves the same level of understanding. Stop beating yourself up! It’s not healthy to form negative thoughts toward yourself. Learn to recognize where you went wrong in a situation, then decide that you are going to be better having gone through it. Don’t live in regret. Forgive, and walk in forgiveness.

Begin again – Today is a fresh start. Look at how you can better set realistic goals, but don’t be afraid to stretch. My main point is to remind you to see all that you HAVE accomplished instead of what you have not. Celebrate even the smallest of wins! You will find yourself much more refreshed and able to accomplish what you set out to do when you are in a more positive state of mind.


I hope you enjoy your family and friends this special Season and I look forward to communicating with you more in 2016!!


“Be good to yourself.”

Coach Steve